SPWidgets Board Widget

A few weeks ago I released version 2.0 of SPWidgets. The primary feature introduced: SPShowBoard. This widget allows one to display the content of a List in a KanBan board based on one of the columns on that list. I created this widget while customizing a Team Sub-site to manage a software product that had recently moved to Agile (scrum).

Here is a screen capture of this widget used on a out-of-the-box Team Site Tasks List:

Sample used on a Tasks List
Sample used on a Tasks List

The widget works as one might expect: drag-and-drop list items between the different states and item is automatically updated in the list to reflect the new value. The widget has a multitude of input options allowing for fine tuning of what data is displayed, including defining the filter to use when retrieving list items. The List column defined as the source of the KanBan columns must be of type Choice or Lookup. The ability to also filter which values from them List column are used (if not all are desired) to build the board columns can also be defined.  Events are triggered during different actions (ex. move of an items, new items added, items removed, etc) allows further actions be taken along the way.  Updates can also be intercepted and data manipulated or update canceled prior to it being submitted to SharePoint’s list service.

This widget joins the People picker, file upload and Lookup field widgets that currently make up the SPWidgets library. I use it frequently to create customized interfaces on SharePoint and user’s love it. They don’t have to open the item and make simple updates (like status changes); they just move the item along.

SPWidgets Site

Version 2.0 Link (GitHub)

I have a few more customizations that I have created over the years that I will be converting into widgets. Look for them in the future.


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