Paul is a Senior level Web GUI Developer working in New Jersey, USA with HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript in designing modern browser based web GUI (UI/UX) for a large-scale enterprise cloud infrastructure management system. In his 14+ year career, Paul is often looked at as the “Tools Guy” who frequently finds solutions to the most cumbersome of processes, thus making teams more efficient. In recent years, SharePoint has been his primary platform for developing browser based applications using technologies such as JavaScript, CSS, HTML, XML and XSLT.

When he is not collaborating on forums or committing code to Github or SourceForge, Paul can be found working as a Flight Attendant on International bound flights for major airline, something he still enjoys after 18 years.


The post and information here are my views and not those of my employers.


19 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey Paul,
    I’m interested in the full version as well. Can you contact me by email with more information? Thanks!

  2. Hi Paul,

    Can you please provide me with pricing info on your KanBan solution? Looks great!

    Thank you,

  3. Hello Paul.
    Do you know about any tool or widget for SharePoint 2010 that can list on which page an image is used. That image could be use on multiple pages – before deleting it we want to know of any impact.

    Thank you

  4. Paul — liking the SPWidgets stuff but struggling to get it functioning. Can you provide some consulting for $$?

  5. Sir,

    I am working on sharepoint 2013, i am trying to use spwidget upload control.
    But I am getting below error.
    TypeError: Cannot read property ‘currentVersion’ of undefined

    Please help me. I could not find your email id, so i am posting my doubts over here.

    I am hoping for positive reply.

    Thanks alot,

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