My Things

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Here are some of the projects I am involved with…

MyBoard – A SharePoint Task Management App

Read move about this tool HERE.

SharePoint UI Widgets – SPWidgets (Website)

A JavaScript project consisting of a set of UI widgets for building custom UI’s on top of the SharePoint platform.

jQuery TimeSelector Widget (Website)

jQuery.ptTimeSelect is a jQuery plugin for usage on input fields that displays a popup widget allowing a user to define a time, which is written back to an input field.

jQuery FlickrGallery Widget (Website)

jQuery.flickrGallery is a jQuery plugin for interacting with the flickr api via javascript. It allows for one to insert albums (photosets) into the page and provide an interface for viewing it to the user, right from their own webpage.

League Manager (Website)

League Manager is a web-based management system for administration of sports leagues. It is designed for Sports Facilities in need of a complete league management system providing, among other features, comprehensive scheduling functions with support for multiple fields/rinks, intuitive score keeping interface and support for field/rink reservations. The system can be easily integrated into existing websites and provides public facing pages for players to obtain information regarding schedules, stats and news.