MyBoard – A SharePoint Kanban Task Management System

SharePoint MyBoard

A SharePoint Single Page Application (SPA) that turns any SharePoint list into a MyBoard - Apptask board (Kanban) complete with drag-and-drop and easy access widgets for managing the cards on the board. This web app is easily added to any SharePoint site without the need to engage the IT department. It uses existing site data to display visual boards where updates by others are near-instantly reflected.  The app integrates with the SharePoint’s Ribbon to display the its options, which include the ability to create new boards, filter content to be displayed, or control the displayed board states (columns).  Pre-defined boards can also be setup to target specific groupings of items within a list, further proving the ability to customize the app toward specific functions or job responsibilities. For a history on how this app came to life, see this blog post.

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Simple to Install, Setup and Configure

MyBoard is a self-contained web Single Page Application that does not require assistance from an IT department to be installed.  The app, which is provided as one aspx file, is simply uploaded to a Document Library in order to be available for use. If at this point you are still wondering if this app will work within your SharePoint environment, see the instructions down below on a how you can use a test app to verify/confirm your ability to run MyBoard.

Configuration of individual site lists or app setup is all done from a graphical user interface once the app is accessible. Configuration options are available to each list individually, and includes the following features:

  1. Configuration of cards, including display of Due Date, Assignee(s), categories/labels, and colors (card left edge, card background)
  2. Option to use a custom view/edit form for cards, which incorporates easy to use editable fields, file uploads, todo lists and activity timeline
  3. Ability to define colors for categories (categories are shown as a horizontal bar across each card on the board)
  4. Create or Delete pre-defined boards
  5. “live” data persistence – updates by others are near-instantly reflected on the board
  6. Bookmarkable URLs – Users are able to customize views and then bookmark those


  1. As with any SharePoint web app that utilizes the out-of-the-box API, this solution is limited to lists containing less than 5000 items. This limit is imposed by SharePoint thresholds which render the API un-usable once this threshold has been surpassed.
  2. The solution works best when using the Chrome or Firefox browsers.  With SharePoint 2013 or SharePoint O365 edition, Internet Explorer 10 and above will also perform well.
    The solution is still usable with SharePoint 2010 and Internet Explorer (>10), but there is a significant performance and usability degradation do to its use (even if using IE10 or above, SharePoint 2010 pages include a directive that instructs Internet Explorer to render the page in IE8 mode).

How do I get It?

This app is not currently open source. If you are interested in obtaining trial version, just drop a comment below and I will email you back more details.

Test (light) App

The main question I receive on this app is:

Will I be able to run it on my “locked down” SharePoint environmnet? I’m not a Sys Admin.

If you like to try a simple (and extremely light) version of MyBoard, download the following zip file, extract its content (a single file named and upload it to a Document Library within your SharePoint environment.

Test App:


The following 7 minute video walks through the installation of MyBoard and highlights some of its features.

1426 thoughts on “MyBoard – A SharePoint Kanban Task Management System”

  1. Dave Scott said:

    What are licensing terms and distribution method? Does the SP farm need to have a “Store” set up? (This question has come from my SP admin folks.) Much obliged!

  2. Hi Paul. We would really like to try your trial out. Looks great. I tried your light version but it would be really interesting trying your full trial. Thanks

  3. Hi, i also would like to know about the full version. We are 4 people in the office. Thanks.

  4. Hi Paul!

    Your trial version looks fine. I’ve been looking for a solution like yours to implement in my company internal sharepoint portal.

    Can you send me more details?

  5. Paul, installation of the trial version above was very smooth. I am interested in trying the extended demo. Also, I’d appreciate if you could include some information about your pricing model so have a basic understanding if this solution is viable for us.

    Thanks, Toby

  6. Anastasia said:

    Hi Paul! Your trial version looks fine. Can you send me more info?

  7. Hi Paul,

    we would be very interested to try out a demo in our system. Can you send me some more information?

    Thank you!

  8. Hi Paul, I´m interested in more information, Thanks

  9. Paul, looks interesting. Can you send me the trail info?

  10. Christian Sohr said:

    Hi Paul,
    thank you for publishing a light Version. I would get more information about the full version.

  11. Hi Paul, I’m also interested in a more full-fledged demo to review with my team at work please. Thanks.

  12. Hi Paul,

    Is it possible to get more information on the trial and full version? Thanks in advance.

  13. Steve Nance said:

    I have also been looking for something like this. Can you send me the information for the full version?

  14. Hello Paul,

    I’ve been looking for a solution like yours to implement in my company internal sharepoint portal.
    I’ve tried the lightboard and it works fine, will be possible to try the full version?


  15. Jamie Brace said:

    Hi Paul!

    I’m very interested in the full version, can you send me some more details please?


  16. I am interested in obtaining a trial version of MyBoard.

  17. Hi Paul, I am evaluating different solutions that I can use on my SharePoint (O365) site to track Projects using kanban, if possible I will like to review your trial version and see if it’s something we can be implementing, thanks.

  18. Hi Paul, I watched the video and would like to try out the full version please. Can you send me more information please.

  19. Chad Feinauer said:

    Paul I would be interested in a trial version of this as well as the pricing.

  20. Nicholas Cole said:

    Hi i have been looking for something similar to this. Is it possible to get more information on the trial and full version?

  21. please send me the details about a further trial

  22. Paul, would like to have a look at the trial version to show the team. Could you email it to me

  23. Hi Paul, I would like to try the full trial version. Thank you.

  24. Hi, I would like to try the full trial version and get more details about pricing. Thank you

  25. please send me the details about a further trial

  26. Hi Paul

    How do we obtain a full version ? Cost ?

  27. Daniel Roycroft said:

    Please let me know what is needed to obtain the full version. Thanks.

  28. Please send me more information, the lightweight trial worked

  29. I´m interested in more information,

  30. Austin Anderson said:

    Request for more details. Thanks!

  31. Hi, tried sprello, the O365 Task Planner but your solution looks more promising! Please, could you send me some more “full” version? Thanks in advance!

    • Thanks Jan. That’s reassuring to me that this App continues to provide value, even in the mist of the all the announcements coming out of MS.
      I’m sending you more details now.

  32. Hi, the test version works great in my SharePoint 2010 environment. I would like to try the full trial version and get more details. Thank you

  33. David Scott said:

    Request more details. Thanks!

  34. Tried the demo; works great! Can you please email me the full version? Would love to try that, as well. Thanks!

  35. Kelly Webb said:

    Hi I have been looking for a solution like this. I downloaded the light version but would like to do a trial with the full version. Can you send me more information.

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