SharePoint MyBoard

A SharePoint Single Page Application (SPA) that turns any SharePoint list into a MyBoard - Apptask board (Kanban) complete with drag-and-drop and easy access widgets for managing the cards on the board. This web app is easily added to any SharePoint site without the need to engage the IT department. It uses existing site data to display visual boards where updates by others are near-instantly reflected.  The app integrates with the SharePoint’s Ribbon to display the its options, which include the ability to create new boards, filter content to be displayed, or control the displayed board states (columns).  Pre-defined boards can also be setup to target specific groupings of items within a list, further proving the ability to customize the app toward specific functions or job responsibilities. For a history on how this app came to life, see this blog post.

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Simple to Install, Setup and Configure

MyBoard is a self-contained web Single Page Application that does not require assistance from an IT department to be installed.  The app, which is provided as one aspx file, is simply uploaded to a Document Library in order to be available for use. If at this point you are still wondering if this app will work within your SharePoint environment, see the instructions down below on a how you can use a test app to verify/confirm your ability to run MyBoard.

Configuration of individual site lists or app setup is all done from a graphical user interface once the app is accessible. Configuration options are available to each list individually, and includes the following features:

  1. Configuration of cards, including display of Due Date, Assignee(s), categories/labels, and colors (card left edge, card background)
  2. Option to use a custom view/edit form for cards, which incorporates easy to use editable fields, file uploads, todo lists and activity timeline
  3. Ability to define colors for categories (categories are shown as a horizontal bar across each card on the board)
  4. Create or Delete pre-defined boards
  5. “live” data persistence – updates by others are near-instantly reflected on the board
  6. Bookmarkable URLs – Users are able to customize views and then bookmark those


  1. As with any SharePoint web app that utilizes the out-of-the-box API, this solution is limited to lists containing less than 5000 items. This limit is imposed by SharePoint thresholds which render the API un-usable once this threshold has been surpassed.
  2. The solution works best when using the Chrome or Firefox browsers.  With SharePoint 2013 or SharePoint O365 edition, Internet Explorer 10 and above will also perform well.
    The solution is still usable with SharePoint 2010 and Internet Explorer (>10), but there is a significant performance and usability degradation do to its use (even if using IE10 or above, SharePoint 2010 pages include a directive that instructs Internet Explorer to render the page in IE8 mode).

How do I get It?

This app is not currently open source. If you are interested in obtaining trial version, just drop a comment below and I will email you back more details.

Test (light) App

The main question I receive on this app is:

Will I be able to run it on my “locked down” SharePoint environmnet? I’m not a Sys Admin.

If you like to try a simple (and extremely light) version of MyBoard, download the following zip file, extract its content (a single file named and upload it to a Document Library within your SharePoint environment.

Test App:


The following 7 minute video walks through the installation of MyBoard and highlights some of its features.

1,561 thoughts on “MyBoard – A SharePoint Kanban Task Management System

  1. I like the approach for this app! I would like to give it a try and see if it works for me and two other developers I’m currently working with. Thanks in advance!

  2. Hi Paul,

    I tried out a trial version of your software last year and loved it. However, I didn’t have an immediate project need. One has come up that I think will be a perfect fit. Can I get another trial to show my co-workers today and next week? 5-7 days is plenty.

    1. Hi Brent.
      Thanks for remembering this app. 🙂 I will send you more info. via email – including details around v3.0 which will be released very soon and is a major update.

  3. Please, please, please! This is exactly what I was looking for. I want the full version please. Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi Gary. Thank you very much for the feedback. The test version included here is no comparison the full version of the app – you will see. I will send you more details via email.

  4. Hi Paul – this looks like what I’ve been looking for. Are you able to send through more details and a download link please?

  5. Hi, Just reviewed the trial version and really interested in the full list. Can you let me know how to download – Thanks.

  6. Hello Paul

    Great tool.
    Can I have the full trial version ?
    Is your product free ?

    Thanks for the info and the great job 😉

  7. Hi Paul, test version works great. 🙂
    Now I also would like to try the full trial version and get more details. Thank you

  8. Hi Paul, also for me the test version works great in my environment.
    Now I also would like to try the full trial version and get more details. Thank you

  9. Hi Paul, the test version works great in my Office365 environment. I would like to try the full trial version and get more details. Thank you

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