SharePoint SPWidgets v2.5.2 Released (bug fixes)

Over the weekend, I released SPWidgets ( version 2.5.2. SPWidgets, if you are not familiar with it, is a set of developer JavaScript widgets meant to create customizations for a SharePoint environment.  It currently includes a People Picker, Filter Panel, Kanban Board Widget, Date Field and an Upload Widget.

Whats New

This latest version provides mostly bug fixes based on user reports as well as refinements I identified while continuing to improve the MyBoard Single page Application (a SharePoint Kanban Task Manager). The full change log can be found in Github (here).

Automated Testing Framework

In addition, and in an effort to improve code and release quality (as well as time), I have started the process of adding Unit Test cases to this library. I have worked with a few different types of testing frameworks (Mocha, QUnit, Chai, Sinon) but wanted to try a new one, so I went with Jasmine.  Its still early for me to judge it among the others, but the one thing I can say looks promising is that ti includes everything I need in one package (Assertions, HTTP mocks, ajax support, etc).  The setup into a web page was simple, however, getting it incorporated into the Grunt build process was a little tricky and at times frustrating – I think mainly because I needed to setup requireJS (a client side library) into the build system (a “server” side setup).  The good thing with these types of tools are that once its setup – its (for the most part) hands off.

I have added some test cases already and my goal is to continue to increase code coverage with it. I have even started to collect SharePoint API responses that will be used for mocking up the calls that several of the widgets make to the SharePoint APIs.

So that’s what’s going on… SPWidgts v2.5.2 provides bug fixes and lays the foundation for starting to add unit test cases.


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