Whats New in v2.3 of SPWidgets – SharePoint Client Side Widgets

Its been a long time since I tagged a new version of SPWidgets. Too Long. I really should not wait so long between versions, specially when I was making changes all along.  Most of the changes done were in response to issues opened on github as well as in support of a side project I have going called MyBoard. More on that project is forthcoming on a separate post.

This version does not introduce any new widgets, but rather builds upon those that currently make up the library.  If you are a current user of SPWidgets, I don’t foresee any issues with upgrading.  Version 2.3 can be downloaded here: https://github.com/purtuga/SPWidgets/archive/v2.3.zip

The library, both the regular and minified version, is located in the plugin directory.

Are you currently using SPWidgets? If so, drop a comment below to let me know which widget(s).


Change Log

People Picker Widget:

  1. Support for defining a token that represent current user (ex. [ME]), which translates to caml value <UserID/>
  2. Introduce input option that allows user to control the container where the autocomplete results will be displayed.
  3. Allow user to override jQuery UI’s Autocomplete widget minLength option. See issue #20
  4. BUG: Picker does not handle un-resolved users. See issue #21
  5. Allow input options to be set globally for this widget
  6. BUG: getSeleted does not work. Switch statement does not have ‘getselected’ in lowercase, thus it never matches. See issue #15
  7. BUG: When input element already has a value set, init of widget fails. See issue #14
  8. Support for other types of accounts like groups. Possible values are: [None | User | DistributionList | SecurityGroup | SharePointGroup | All]
  9. BUG: When used on a element that has z-index set suggestions show behind the input element.

Filter Panel Widget

  1. Display columns of Type ‘Attachments’, as a YES/NO dropdown. Column is of type of Boolean.
  2. Remove the focus on the first element when a reset is done.
  3. Does not support a column of Type Choice with Multiple values. Internal type is ‘MultiChoice’
  4. BUG: Created and Modified columns do not display the time picker – only date.

Board Widget

  1. New method to return a list of available columns for the board. Such method will be useful when wanting to create custom UI’s for showing/hiding board Columns.
  2. BUG: if an item is changed by someone else so that it no longers appears in the board being displayed, the Board State column total number of items is not updated to reflect the number of item under it.
  3. Enhancement to include a new input option that will display the board with fixed height colummns. Similar to how Trello works today: All column bodies are fixed height and user is able to scroll through each column’s content independently.
  4. Make each Column Title be “attached” to the column content. In other words, remove the spacing between them. (Feedback provided by Stefan)
  5. Enhance the Headers so that the title of the Column is Left justified and the Number of items is Right justified. (Feedback provided by Stefan)
  6. Change code so that the Column picker button is NOT automatically displayed when calls include visible columns. Options should be driven by developer.
  7. SPShowBoard(“setVisible”) should support a keyword of ‘all’, allowing the developer to automatically make all columns visible. This could also be an empty array ([]).
  8. Consider removing the ui-widget-content class from the container that holds the board columns. Some styles of jQuery UI have a background that throws off the styles between headers and body of kanban
  9. When making all column equal height, use ‘min-height’ instead of height css attribute.
  10. Change the Column selector “all/none” button to use jquery UI icon ‘ui-icon-radio-off’ instead of the current checkbox.

Upload Widget

  1. BUG: Post upload page (if checking is needed) fails to display for SP sites in non-English locale. See issue #16
  2. BUG: Widgets does not work on SP2007. See issue #9.
  3. fillTemplate() utility seems to use a redundant regex [\{\{\}\}]. Reported by Alexey with Issue #10

Date and Time Widget

  1. Support an ‘inline’ option that allows you to display the widget on a page at all times. With inline, the use of an input field should be optional by the user.
  2. BUG: When Allow Multiples is set and field is setup to display only date (no time), removing selected dates does not work.



2 thoughts on “Whats New in v2.3 of SPWidgets – SharePoint Client Side Widgets

  1. Hi Paul,

    We have been using your SPControlUpload widget which works fine in our Sharepoint Online test subsite but is not working in main sites. The problem seems to be when the sharepoint site is the main site (ie: oursubdomain.sharepoint.com).

    It works fine in a sub site (ie: oursubdomain.sharepoint.com/subsite).

    The problem is that the widget appears but continues to show “working on it” (and doesnt get to the part where you can select a file).

    The developer tools in IE 11 shows the following – from line 3016 in jquery-1.11.1.js:

    contents: function( elem ) {
    return jQuery.nodeName( elem, “iframe” ) ?
    elem.contentDocument || elem.contentWindow.document :
    jQuery.merge( [], elem.childNodes );

    Firefox/Firebug doesnt display any errors at all.

    Any help you could provide would be appreciated.


    Greg J

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