A New Professional Focus – Web GUI Developer

I’m moving on to a new role as a Web GUI Developer !

I have been a Program/Project manager on large scale provisioning software systems for close to 10 years. I ran the Software Release Management cycle and also played an integral role in process definition and productivity improvements initiatives. During that time, I would always insert myself into projects that needed some web development done (but no one to do it) because of my passion for it. That’s how I picked up SharePoint client side customization knowledge – I use it as the back-end services to the web apps I create. I enjoyed the work I did as a Program/Project manger, mainly because the position in most cases allowed me work very close to the development teams where I was given the room to address problems together – rather than to just track that a problem existed and assign it to someone else.

I have been working with HTML since version 3 (circa 1997) but have never really held a position whose sole responsibility was development. Always wanted to, but the right opportunity never came up – until about two months ago. The company I work for is now advocating the creation of front end applications using HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript – a big shift from the Java based development that has been in use for decades. When a position opened up on a new cutting edge application (in the cloud computing space) that required these exact skills, I was quick to put my name in the running and thrilled when I was offered the position.

I started on the new project in May and I’m now working with the technologies that I enjoy and building my competency in areas that I have wanted to explore but had not had dedicated time to do it. Items like CSS3 animations and transitions, charting and graphics using the SVG standard, testing frameworks such as Mocha and Chai, and the use of Node and the Express framework.

This is a great new phase of my career and one that I will certainly enjoy. Not many get to do what they love and get paid for it, so I feel fortunate.


5 thoughts on “A New Professional Focus – Web GUI Developer

  1. I would appreciate trying a full version for trial period for MyBoard – A SharePoint Kanban Task Management System

  2. Hey Paul, I am following you on wordpress from last two years. I like your posts about eclipse plugin. I don’t know this is right place to take suggestion from you.
    I am really very sorry if this is not right place as I couldn’t find any way to contact you. I want to create CUSTOM IDE from eclipse with custom toolchain, boot logo and custom project template. Do you know where can I find such documentation?

    1. Hi.
      Unfortunately I’m not the right person to ask. My dealing with eclipse was only from a user standpoint, not from a platform extension point. My best guess is Google search, which you are probably ready doing.

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