Black Magic Solutions for White Hat SharePoint now available in hard cover

Black Magic Solutions for White Hat SharePoint now available in hard cover

Mark Miller today posted the official anouncement of our book’s release as a hard cover. The hard cover version of our new book is now available on Amazon, right next to the Kindle edition.

This is again a great milestone in our self-publishing model road. I’m very proud have been part of this project and of the finished product. The reader’s feedback has been very positive and it has been exciting to hear the success stories of how they used the solutions found in this book in their own companies.

The topics in the book are:

  • “If a Brit stumples in a jQuery forest, does anyone hear his cries?” by Dave Coleman
  • “Build Solid Script Libraries for your Enterprise” by Marc Anderson
  • “Build a Content Slider Web Part: Dynamic Display of Pictures and Text” by Wendy Neal
  • “Build an HTML5 Video Galleary” by Ben Tedder
  • “Modify Your SharePoint 2013 Navigation Menu with a jQuery Plugin” by Eric Overfield
  • “Create a Mobile Friendly SharePoint Blog with jQuery Mobile” by Josh McCarty
  • “Create a Team Site Solution for Running Agile Projects” by Paul Tavares

I think its good to emphasize that the solutions covered are also provided for download.  The packages give the reader all of the source files described through out the book which were used to create the functional prototypes – prototypes that our early set of reviewers were able to use in their review process.  This, in my opinion, is a great resource for anyone learning how to customize SharePoint through the browser and gives them the ability to quickly expand upon what was done for the book.

If you have already gotten your copy – remember to post a review on Amazon with your thoughts.


4 thoughts on “Black Magic Solutions for White Hat SharePoint now available in hard cover

    1. Hi Jim.
      I’m not sure.. I know that Mark Miller recently moved the site to a new location. I’ll reach out to him to let him know that the links in the book are all inaccessible now.

  1. Paul,
    Thank you so much for your part in this work. I have implemented the ‘Agile Manager’ to iterate my current project. It is amazing in its simplicity! kudos

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