My First GitHub Project – SPWidgets

I finally did it… I created my first github project – SPWidgets. This project comes from my blog post “Sharepoint UI Widgets – Upload and PickUsers“, where I was also hosting the download file. After being contacted by a few individuals reporting issues and requesting assistance it proved that trying to manage this from my blog was just not going to work.  The need for a more centralized location devoted specifically to it was obvious and normally I would have turned to sourceforge. But this opportunity also gave me the perfect excuse to introduce myself to GIT and the github community.

I am new to git and new to github. Up until now I have been using sourceforge to host a few projects and have been a user of CVS for source control. GIT seems to be allot more powerful than CVS but with it also come higher complexity. Luckily the Aptana Eclipse plugin has very good support for git and github, so I have not felt much pain in the process.

I also setup a personal page on GIT, which is a great way to aggregate my GIT hosted projects and include links on other items I may have going on. Depending on how things go with administering SPWidgets via github, I may start to use it allot more.


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