Use a Linux Virtual Machine for Safe Web Sandboxing

Over the last two weeks I have had 13 extra family members staying with me from overseas. As a good host, I provide them all with my WIFI passcode, but when it comes to giving them access to my desktop, thats where I’m not so comfortable. The thought of having the kids check their Facebook timeline and click any link they receive is not something I welcome on my main system.

The solution: install VirtualBox and run a pre-installed Linux desktop (like Ubuntu). Virtualbox has come a long way since the last time I have tried it and comes with a few options on how the VM can run. I chose it to run on full vm mode, which requires the user to enter a special key combination to go back to the hosting operating system (windows 7).

So, my guests are now free to do whatever they need on my desktop knowing that my it is safe from whatever crap they click on. My guest don’t know the difference because their main task is to browse the Internet.


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